About Us - Living Room Jungle

At Living Room Jungle we work hard to provide you with the ultimate indoor gardening blog

Whether it is a walk in the forest, run on the beach, trekking along the Great Wall of China or simply sitting quietly in a cool, calm spot, I have been reminded many times of the physical and mental health benefits that come from time in green spaces. From breathing fresh air to feeling close to nature.

Until recently, I believed that having my own green sanctuary was not possible because I live in an apartment (a small space) in the inner city.

Having worked so many hours in corporate office environments and many more recently in my home office, I kept pondering the same question.

Why couldn’t I create a living room jungle, a green sanctuary in my own tiny space?

So, I researched, shopped and rearranged my space. I found that not only can I create a living room jungle, a green sanctuary in my own tiny space, but I also discovered it is an easy and relaxing activity. The first plant I bought was an Anthurium, which has now become the color scheme for Living Room Jungle.

And now, I want to share my knowledge with everyone through, our indoor gardening blog – Living Room Jungle, because I am truely convinced that ‘Life is better with indoor plants.’