What are the best orchid pots for phalaenopsis orchids?

Phalaenopsis Orchids need different types of pots when compared with typical indoor plants. One of the easiest to grow orchids for indoor gardeners. So, what are the best orchid pots for Phalaenopsis? Let’s find out.


best orchid pots for phalaenopsis


The Phalaenopsis Orchid or Moth Orchid is one of the most common orchids given as a gift and grown by indoor gardeners. But, they have  special potting needs. 

So, what are the best orchid pots for Phalaenopsis Orchids? Read on to find out more.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

best orchid pots for phalaenopsis orchids

The Phalaenopsis Orchid or ‘phals’ as they are affectionately referred to are often considered a beginner’s orchid because they are easy to grow and care for and do very well as indoor plants. 

Phalaenopsis Orchids grow and flower in a moderately bright indoor position without needing to be in a special greenhouse or humid location.

So, if you love the graceful beauty of an orchid but don’t want the hassle of fiddly care, the Phalaenopsis Orchid is for you!

A healthy Phalaenopsis Orchid will grow one or two new leaves each year.

After the growth phase has finished each year, a bloom spike will emerge on the stalk. The blooms are long, slender, graceful arms of flowers and can last for many months.

Phalaenopsis Orchids need to be repotted yearly, ideally after they have finished blooming.

The basic care requirements for a Phalaenopsis Orchid are:

The care requirements of Phalaenopsis Orchids are not really that different to other orchids. For information on how to repot an orchid and commercially available orchid potting mixes check out best pots for orchids.

Have I convinced you yet?

Let’s turn our attention to the best orchid pots for Phalaenopsis Orchids. Those that will best suit a Phalaenopsis Orchid’s growth requirements but will also complement its true elegance.

Why do Phalaenopsis Orchids have special requirements?

To really understand the differences between orchids and typical plants, we need to explore how orchids grow in nature.

Orchids are epiphytes aka ‘air plants’ and live on the surface of other plants, trees or rocks in their native jungle-like environments. These persistent growers cling to the trunks and branches of trees gathering moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and fragments of organic matter that accumulate around their roots.

Therefore, the best growing environments and therefore the best pots for Phalaenopsis Orchid mimic these conditions – moist environments, yet well-drained while encouraging air to easily flow around the roots and travel in and out of the pot.

The best pots for orchids are those that drain well and provide air to the roots. But due to the Phalaenopsis Orchids long, slender, graceful arms of blooms, they also require a pot that provides stability and a firm foundation for when the orchid is in bloom.

Choosing the best orchid pots for phalaenopsis

When you are choosing a pot for your Phalaenopsis Orchid there are a few functional things to think about:


The pot must have plenty of holes around the sides as well as in the bottom. This is to allow water to freely move through the root system and for excess water to exit the pot. The drainage holes are also needed to ensure healthy airflow around the roots.


When selecting a pot for your Phalaenopsis Orchid choose one that is only slightly larger than the pot it is currently growing in. Orchids in general, and Phalaenopsis Orchids being no different, prefer pots that are slightly squishy or around about the same size as the root ball.


Most of the time, indoor gardeners prefer pots that are lighter in weight. After all, they may need to lift or move them around the home for watering or to adapt to changing light conditions.

However, with a Phalaenopsis Orchid you need a heavier pot because the blooms are long, slender, arms of flowers that can become quite tall. As such, a pot that is capable of providing a heavy foundation and balancing this type of growth is required.


Most Phalaenopsis Orchids, prefer a shallower, wider pot over a deeper, narrower pot. This is because orchid roots generally grow outwards and not downwards.


In terms of the type of materials to consider when selecting your pot, you might want to read Best Pots for Orchids for more information on different types of pots, their materials, as well as some of our recommendations.

Two orchid pots for Phalaenopsis Orchids are better than one

When it comes to the best orchid pots for Phalaenopsis Orchids, I am firmly of the belief that two pots are better than one. As such, I use a system of double potting.

The first pot is a growing pot – a clear orchid pot that features plenty of drainage holes in the sides and bottom. The growing pot will sit inside a decorative pot.

The clear plastic growing pot provides you with a view into your Phalaenopsis Orchid’s roots and growing medium. This is especially helpful for beginner indoor gardeners. With a clear pot, the indoor gardener can easily see the condition of the roots and how moist or dry the growing medium is.

But a plastic pot is too lightweight and will not support the long blooms of a Phalaenopsis Orchid.

And clear pots are really not that attractive.

Here’s the trick…

Sitting the clear plastic orchid pot inside a secondary decorative pot will provide weight and stability for your Phalaenopsis Orchid. It will also allow you to show off your designer flair.

You can choose an attractive decorative pot to complement the overall appearance of your Phalaenopsis Orchid but also enhance your indoor décor. As long as your decorative pot, can easily accommodate the growing pot, your choices are endless.

best pots for orchids

Drainage holes are a must: 

Your decorative pot must have drainage holes to ensure the free flow of air and water around the roots. The decorative pot should never restrict the airflow or drainage of the growing pot.

Together, the growing pot and the decorative pot create form and function.

You see, I like to change my mind and my décor, frequently! From a decorating point of view, this gives me ultimate flexibility to change the decorative pot to suit my mood, my room, the season and any current indoor decorating trends that might change with each season….

Final thoughts

Selecting the best orchid pots for Phalaenopsis Orchids will do more than just support your orchid’s growing requirements. It will show off your flair for indoor décor and maximize the visual appeal of your orchid.

Remember two pots are better than one when choosing the best orchid pots for Phalaenopsis Orchids. 

A clear plastic growing pot offering plenty of drainage to help you care for your orchid. And, just the right decorative pot to showcase your Phalaenopsis Orchid as the phenomenon that it is.

Your Phalaenopsis Orchid is no doubt a center piece. A well chosen pot will not only support its growing requirements but can turn your orchid into a beautiful living sculpture.

Make sure you hang around and check out our other indoor gardening blog posts.

Remember, life is better with indoor plants!

Credits: Main photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash


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